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Prior to the event “Race for AI – Developments and Perspectives in Germany and China” at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities Professor Pei Wang will give a talk about the logic of intelligence.

Professor Wang introduces a theory of intelligence, a formal model of the theory, and a computer implementation of the model. He takes “Intelligence” as the ability of adaptation under insufficient knowledge and resources. Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System (NARS) is a formal model realizing this theory, which has been implemented in an open source project OpenNARS. The system shows many properties observed in the human mind. Practical applications of this technique are also under development.

Please note: The talk and the following discussion will be held in English.


Pei Wang is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University (USA). He is the founding Chief Executive Editor of the Journal of Artificial General Intelligence and the Vice Chair of the Artificial General Intelligence Society.